Slow Cooker Chole masala

Hot and Spicy Chole masala in Slow cooker







Cooking is all fun, but its all about the time it takes but don't forget slow cookers. Who said slow cookers are just for western and continental foods why not Indian. slow cookers are actually well suited for Indian recipes, as it takes more time, the masala and spices are well blended with food, lets start with hot and spicy chole masala.


1 cup chole or chana.
1 tomato 1 onion 2 garlic flakes 1 tbsp  of chole masala.

soak chole or chana for 12 hrs.
In my case I soaked them in the morning before I started for work.

After 12 hrs, I sauted onions and tomatoes with chole masal with little oil and salt.
Grinded them to a fine paste.
In my slow cooker, I arrange all the chana and then added grounded gravy with 4 cups of water.
Had them on high for 1 hr and left it on low for 6 hrs( All night).

All ready in the morning, prepared some rice and had the gravy along.

Didn't spend more than 5 mins. and took 2 mins for grinding. isn't all fun..???


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