Rava ladoo

Rava Ladoo/ Ladu

Name the easiest desert on earth, Ok don't tell whatever-that brought-from-store. There is something even more easier to make - Rava Ladoo. The easiest, sweetest, most delicious dish. I will describe the steps that I followed to make this ladoo..

In 2 teaspoons of ghee, fry the cashwes and raisins.
Then add quarter cup of grated coconut flakes on medium high atleast for 2-3 minutes.
Now start adding the sooji(1 cup), once the sooji is slightly roasted you will get a delicious smell of the laddo from roasted nuts, coconut and sooji.
Now switch off the stove and transfer the content to another bowl, this is just to stop the cooking.
Add 1 cup of granular sugar to the sooji and slow add luke warm milk to the sooji.
The milk is just a binding agent to make ladoo's so be careful do not over add or over hot milk.
A luke warm milk is nothing but a cup of milk on microwave high for 1 minute.
Add the milk slowly about a teaspoon by teaspoon. Now start making ladoos.
Ladoos will be easy to make because sugar would have melted from the sooji's heat. Milk will be helpful to make the ladoos.
Thats it Rava Ladoo's are as easy to make...Do give a try and post your feedback here...


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