Fish Briyani - Chettinad Style

Fish Briyani in chettinad style - step by step photos

Its Sunday, day for biryani. Are you a fan of chettinad cuisine and don't want to make chicken briyani again, try this fish briyani. Simple to do, tastes yummy.

Fish Briyani is not originally from chettinad, this briyani belongs to malabar cuisine. I tried making this in our very own chettinad style more like chicken briyani with some changes as I am adding fish.

This method makes use of pressure cooker, if you don't have a pressure cooker, please use electric cooker there are no changes in the proportion. I will soon add baking method for this briyani. But this method is lot more simpler than baking method.

This is chettinad style briyani, hot and spicy. If you are not a big fan of spiciness, you can alter the spice according to your choice.

Fish biriyani in south indian style

chettinad fish biryani recipe method:

Rinse and soak the 2 cups of rice for 20 min.

I am using king fish or vanjaram thick steaks. Steak that is used for curries.
Marinate fish with lemon juice, chili powder, little garam masala and turmeric powder.
If you don't want spicy, skip chili in the marination. 

Shallow fry the fish. 

Remove the steak from oil. Once the fish cools down, remove the skin and bones carefully. 
Do not break the steaks. 

In the same kadai, in the same oil add chopped mint and coriander leave (rinsed)

Adding onions. 

Add diced tomatoes. 

Add a tsp of chili powder or according to your choice.

Add half a tsp of coriander powder, half a tsp fennel seeds powder and 1 tsp cumin powder

Add a tsp of garam masala

Add a tsp of ginger garlic paste

Add the fishes, add salt to the masala and cook till the oil separates from the gravy

In pressure cooker add rinsed rice with some ghee and fry for a minute or untill you get the aroma. 
If you are using electric cooker, use a separate pan for this process. 

Add the fish masala to the rice.

As I have soaked the rice for 20 mins, add water in 1:1 ratio with a tsp of curd. 
Add salt for taste. 

Add the weight to the cooker, while closing the cooker lid. 
After 1 st whistle, pressure cook for 5 min  and wait till the pressure release on it own. 

Enjoy Fish Briyani with raita..

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  1. Looks great, but you used way more than just a teaspoon for the spices...

  2. I tried this fish biryani... and received a thumbs-up from my of the best biryani recipe I have tried. Thank you.

  3. Can cook on stove instead of pressure or rice cooker? same measurements?

  4. For pressure cooker and rice cooker it is the same measurement. But for Stove top, please check chicken dum biriyani method.

  5. Thank you so much for trying this recipe

  6. Thanks for recipe. Biryani came well. Everyone liked it.

  7. Hi. Should there be any weight on the cooker for the 5 mins of cooking time? And also, in the 5 mins, should it be kept on high flame?

  8. Hi AshAnand.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    This is what I do, Add the weight to the cooker, while closing the cooker lid.
    After 1 st whistle, pressure cook for 5 min and wait till the pressure release on it own.
    This is the same process, for veg biriyani too.

  9. This Wednesday i will try ur recipe, if need i will go throughout

  10. Do u add the fish too into the rice when you adding the fish the fish is fried and den boiled

    1. Hi Nadia, Thank you for visiting wat2cook.
      Yes, Make the masala, and shallow fry the fish in a pan for texture and then add rice, masala and shallow fried fish.


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