Fluffy onion Bhajji.

Fluffy onion Bhajji

Step by step photos

Its drizzling outside or is it time for Bhajji..???
Hot fluffy  Bhajji is simple and tasty, of course not a figure friendly dish but not a concern when its drizzling outside..

Hot onion  Bhajji with masala chaii..who can say no. 


2 cups of besan/ Kadalai maavu, Add a pinch of baking soda, this gives the fluffiness.

Adding half a tsp of garam masala

Adding a tsp of chili powder

Half a tsp of turmeric powder

Half a tsp of Asfotedia

Mix them all by adding water and salt. The consistency of  the batter is like idli batter.
A thick and dropping consistency.

For 2 cups of batter, 1medium size onion. 
Increase the quantity accordingly.

Heat canola oil or sunflower or vegetable oil. 

Dip the sliced onions into the bajii batter, and drop them into the hot oil.  

You will know when th Bhaji is done, the bubble from bhaji will reduce. Then its time to remove them from oil.
Fluffy Bajii, place them on a paper towel to remove excess oil. 


  1. Nice share with easy instruction + bonus pictures! Thanks for sharing this! :)


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