Fried Ice Cream..

Fried Ice creams

Oops ..I Fried the Ice creams.. I was very nervous..But this was the easiest dessert anyone can make.

This is the first time I prepared, it was easy and almost took 3 hours for 2 fried ice creams..but worth the wait time. You can prepare this a day before in hand for any party and deep fry it when ever you need it.


2 medium size scoops of ice cream.
2-4 cookies/Marie biscuits or 1 cup of corn flakes/cheerios.
half a cup of egg wash or make a thick batter of all purpose flour and water.
thats is it. The decoration part is totally up to your imagination, which I did not do today. I will soon add a video on this.


In a zip lock bag, take cornflake or biscuit mixture and beat them to stress buster..

I made a batter with 1 tbsp of flour and 1 tbsp of water and crumble mixture in other bowl.

Medium size scoops of ice cream, any flavor. I have taken vanilla. 

                                          Freeze the ice cream balls for 2 hrs minimum.
                                          After 2 hrs, Roll the ice creams in crumbled cereal and them roll them in the batter or egg wash and again roll it back on the crumbled cookie.


                                               Freeze these ball for minimum  3 hours.
                                                    Repeat the process if necessary.

Heat 1 cup of canola or vegetable oil. To know the right temperature drop of corn flake, when it turn brown, that is the exact temperature.

Remove the frozen ball from the fridge, this is how it looks after 3 hours. 

Drop them into the hot oil, and fry for 15 - 20 seconds.

First fried ice cream..

                                                 Beautiful fried ice cream pics..


  1. Awesome Sangi, never heard of this recipe before, will surely try it this weekend.

  2. This is very nice.. I normally try this when I dine at Chinese restaurant!
    For some reason so scared to try at home.. After looking at ur recipe so tempted to try

  3. Wow .. some time ago I was googling mad for this recipe... It was sweet surprise to find it here!!!.. looks delicious :)

  4. Wow .. i was once googling mad for this recipe !! It was a sweet surprise to find it here :) ... Looks delicious !:)

  5. Place a cookie sheet in the freezer for several hours before you begin to make the deep fried ice cream. Using a cool pan will prevent the ice cream from melting while you are working with it.


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