Quinoa Idli - vegetarian protein

 Quinoa Idly - Protein only recipe

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Amazed to know about the health benefits of Quinoa..Me too. And this super grain or seed from peru, tastes and cooks very similar to rice. Lets cook quinoa the very Indian way, Idly. Protein feeders for breakfast.

Internet is loaded with quinoa recipes, usually added to quinoa salad recipes, for which our Indian pallet is not very much used to. Lets cook quinoa our way.

Ingredients for Idly: 

3 cups quinoa
1 cup urad dhal
2 tbsp of cooked rice and poha. 
Rinse quinoa for 3-4 times and soak them 4 hours. 
Grind them all separately and use rock salt to speed up the fermentation. 
Fermentation take 6-7 hours. 

Grease the idli plates and fill them the batter. Enjoy all protein hot idlies for breakfast. 

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