Maggi noodles pizza

Maggi noodles pizza without pizza base


Maggie is just a noodles which comes with Indian masala seasoning. There are so many ways to make maggi, it can be served just as noodles, as sandwich etc etc. This is such a comforting food. There is a recipe for making pizza using pizza base and the noodles as the topping but this is different. This is simple, delicious recipe. Just another way to make maggi or to serve 2 packets of maggi for four.
Maggi is available in most of the Indian grocery or in Asian food aisle. Maggi can be substituted with any pasta noodles like spaghetti and add your own seasoning..  :)


Maggie masala noodles - 2
eggs - 4 ( adjust accordingly, you can add 2 yolks and 4 whites)
salt and pepper.
1 tbsp of milk. 
extra virgin olive oil for greasing the pan.
Half a cup mozzarella or any cheese for taste and binding.

  • Cook Maggi according to the instruction by adding its own seasoning.
  • If you are using any other pasta noodles. Cook the pasta in hot boiling water seasoned with salt.
  • Let the noodles cool down for 10-15 min or it will curdle the egg, when the egg is added to the hot noodles.
  • Whisk milk and eggs with salt and pepper.
  • Add the egg mixture to the noodles.
  • Heat the pan with oil on medium high.
  • When the pan is hot enough, add half of the noodles with the egg mixture.  This will work like the pizza base. Add half of the cheese to the maggi in the pan.
  • Now, add the remaining maggi with egg to pan and spinkle the remaining cheese on the top.
  • Cook for 10 min.
  • check the maggi pizza base, when it golden.
  • Keep it in the broiler for 10 min.
  • Allow the maggi pizza to cool for another 10 min, it will easy to cut the pizza.
Transfer the content to a plate and cut and serve the pizza.Make sure you cool the pizza before cutting. so that they don't fall apart. Better use a non stick pan, it easier to transfer the pizza to a plate.

Add veggie or meat according to your choice.
You may think, why to cook the 2 min maggi for 30 min. I have the yummy answer on my plate....

Step by step photos


  1. interesting, never heard of maggi being cooked this way :), feel like tryg it right away..

  2. Interesting combination noodle and pizza! Kids favourite

  3. wow, so interesting, a super dish for those who love maggie and pizza its a perfect fusion!

  4. It came out so well, I added some toppings like green pepper and sun dried tomatoes.
    Thanks for this idea..

  5. Hi,
    Your blog is good and you are sharing the right tips to cook delicious and tasty Maggi Noodles. Thank for great post.


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