Roasting Appalam/Papad in Microwave

Roasting Appalam/Papad in Microwave

 Simple way to roast crispy appalam in microwave. This just takes 2 drops or less oil for roasting the appalam. I don't say this method make appalam a healthier dish but it takes less oil,  so healthier in some way and economical too. Give a try if you have a microwave at home.
Appalam and papad of your choice, I am using Rice appalam. 
Any oil - 2 drops per appalam.
Microwave safe plate.

Place the appalam on the microwave safe plate. 
Grease onside of the appalam with 2 drops of oil. 
Place the plate in the microwave high for 1:30 minutes. 

Every microwave is different. My microwwave takes 1:30 minutes for this brand. Some time back I used urad dal appalam, which took one minute to get roasted in microwave. So start with 1:00 minute and increase the time accordingly. 


  1. Hi Snageetha,

    I only use the papadum express microwave tray for my papads or papadums. can you suggest if the appalam can also cook in the papadum express tray. i do not like frying or too much oil, thus the questions. have you experience cooking in the tray?


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