Almond/ Badam Halwa - Recipe from Accord Metropolitan Chef

Almond/ Badam Halwa - Recipe from Accord Metropolitan Chef, Chennai

This recipe was shared by chef Venkatesh Bhat from Accord Metropolitan, chennai. The recipe was super simple and very delicious. If you have missed the program, please take the recipe from here. I tried this on my own, believe me this could be the most easy recipe.But you need to baby sit the recipe until it is done. Stir continuously at right heat, this is the key for making this recipe. Its very easy to burn the halwa in this recipe, its a mess both to eat and to clean the pot. Stay near and stir continuously, this awesome dish will definitely pamper your palate.

Ingredients as suggested by the chef:

Blanched Almonds - 1 cup
Ghee - 1 cup (I used half a cup)
Milk -  1 cup + 2 tbsp
White sugar - 2 cups.
Saffron - 1 large pinch


1. Soak the almonds for an hour.
2. Blend almonds and 1 cup milk together.
3. Heat the 2 tbsp of milk in a heavy bottom pan.(preferably non stick)
4. Add saffron to the milk.
5. When the milk is hot and about to boil, add the almond paste.
6. On medium heat, stir continuously.
7. After 8-10 min, the almonds paste changes color, at this point start adding sugar and ghee little by little at a time. 
8. After 10 mins, halwa will be ready and all the ghee will be absorbed.
Serve this halwa hot.


  1. great sweet for the festival season

  2. Thanks for sharing a perfect badam halwa recipe

  3. I made this.So yummy!


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