Fluffy Idli Recipe

Fluffy Idli Rice using Jasmine Rice

 Idli is a staple food in Tamil Nadu. This is usually a breakfast recipe. Idli is small white rice steamed cakes, prepared in a separate steamer pot. You can make several Idlis using the this steamer and serve many people at the same time. We need to prepare the batter for making Idlis, ferment the batter overnight and  then steam them to make to fluffy little cakes. Idli is seved hot with spicy chutney or Idli podi.

Fermenting Idli batter in cold countries is a rocket science, you need to go for a trial and error sequence to get the perfect Idli batter for making soft Idli. 
And best thing about Idli is they freeze so well, so this can be made in batch and freeze them in small quantities. So no weekday cooking, just thaw the frozen or chilled idlis and you are ready for the business.
I am adding the recipe and fermentation method for making soft Idli, hope you try this in you kitchen soon.
I am using Jasmin Rice -long grain rice and not par boiled please make sure before buying.Any rice can be used. I have tried the same recipe with Idli rice(ponni), sona masoori and basmati. Its perfect everytime.

I am using blender or Mixer grinder and not wet grinder.

Rice - 4 cups.
Urad dal - 1 cup.
Aval or Poha - Handful
Cooked Rice - Handful( I am using Basmati, you can use jasmine rice or sona masoori or ponni rice)

Soak the Aval or Poha for 5 min.
Soak the cooked rice for 5 min.
Soak the rinsed rice for 4-6 hrs.
Soak the urad dal for 4-6 hrs.
If you are living in cold countries, refigerate the urad dal at least for an hr before grinding for better fermentation. 

1. Blend the rice and poha together by adding neccessary water.Blend in 2 batches because of the quantity. The water required is purely dependent on the rice and hours it has been soaked. Usually it takes half a cup to one cup of water.
2.  Blend the ural dal, blend them for 4-5 min by adding half a cup of water. Ural dal batter will be fluffy and will be doubled in volume.
3. Choice of salt is very important, you can use rock salt. Blend the rock salt along with the cooked rice and mix this with the idli batter. I am using sea salt, which is coarse and has iodine but works well in fermentation.
Mix every thing together using a spatula. Mix well.leave the overnight in you kitchen. The next morning fluffy batter is ready.
If you are in cold countries, Switch on your oven at 200F for 3-4 min.
After 3 min try to touch the oven rack, it should be warm and not hot.
Place a baking sheet or a pizza pan and place batter container on it. Just to avoid spilling inside the oven.
Drop a long steel serving spoon in the batter.
Switch on the oven light.
The batter should be ready after 5 hrs. If it not ready, repeat the process, by removing the batter from the oven, heating the oven for 3 min and placing back the batter inside the oven.

Once the batter is ready, pour 1/4 of a cup of batter on to a Idli plate and steam for 5-6 min. Idli steamer is available in many store or online, you can find one in amazon or a simple egg poacher will work great.


  1. so soft idlis

  2. Yummy yummy!!! looks soft!!!

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    Thanks & Regards

  3. hi,
    i tried ur receipe, followed exactly de same proportion, idly comes out sticky, its soft but sticky, could u guide me to get normal idlies without sticking plz, i use blue ribbon long grain rice.....

  4. Hi Sree, thanks for visiting the site. Please steam the idlies for couple more minutes.

  5. Hi, the 4 cups of rice that you mentioned, are those regular rice? Can I use Sona Masoori?


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