The Classic Mac and Cheese

The Classic Mac and Cheese with Chicken

Comfort food are one of the best ways to pamper yourself after a busy day. This is my favorite comfort food especially on a winter day- pasta with melted ooey gooey cheese.
Caution: If you are on some strict diet regimen, do not go any further.. :)

This is Mac and cheese with chicken recipe, you can skip adding chicken or add broccoli.

 Ingredients:Elbow Macaroni pasta.  - 1 cup.
Luke warm Milk - 2 cups. 
Butter - 3 tbps + 1 tbsp
Flour - 3 tbsp (All purpose)
sharp cheddar 1.5 cups or combination of any cheese amount to 1.5 cup
Fresh ground pepper - 2 tsp.
poultry seasoning - 1 tsp. 
Boneless Chicken -15-20  bite size pieces.
olive oil - 1 tsp (to saute the chicken)
Panko bread crumbs - 1/4 cup.(to layer evenly on top)

Preheat the oven to 350 F.
1. Bring 4 qt of water to boil, add generous salt and add the pasta. Cook the pasta according to the package instruction.
2. In a pan, add a tsp of olive oil and saute chicken with poultry seasoning and salt.
3. Saute the chicken for 3-4 mins.
4. Remove the chicken from the pan, and add butter.
5. When the butter is melted add the same amount of white flour little by little.
6. Make sure flour don't form any lumps. Let the flour cook for a minute to get rid of the raw flour taste.
7. Now, add the milk in small quantities and stir by other hand.
8. Let the sauce thicken on medium heat.
9. Remove the sauce from heat and add the cheese.
10. Mix well, until the cheese is melted.
11. Add freshly ground pepper and salt to the sauce. Make sure to add salt little by little, as the pasta is already salted and cheese is also salty. 
12. Add the pasta to the sauce and add the cooked chicken.
13. Pour this to 8x8 baking dish. Layer the top with bread crumbs. Drizzle melter butter(1 tbsp) or olive oil on top.
14. Bake for 30 min or until the bread crumbs are golden brown.


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I started learning cooking from my grandmother, Mrs. Gunaseeli, who gave me her recipes and tips and some measurement tools for making them. The red measuring cup that I use in my recipes was once owned by my granny. My grandmother is very passionate about cooking and travel. She has written many cook books. This blog is one way to document her writing and to make it available for everyone.