Sambar powder.

Sambar powder:

Sambar powder recipe is from grand mothers cookbook. This is her own recipe of making sambar powder. After making loads of sambar powder, she distributes between me and my mother. I brought around 14 lb of home made masala powder prepared by my grand mother. They are still fresh even after a year.
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Virali Manjal/ Curcumin- 50 gm.
Dry red chillies - 500 gm
Dhaniya/ Coriander seeds - 500 gm
Cumin - 75 gm.
Black pepper corns. - 75 gm.
fennel - 50 gm.
mustard - 50 gm
Asafoetida   powder - 100 gms
chana dal - 75 gm. 
Thuvar dal - 50 gm.
Rice - 75 gm. 
fenugreek - 75 gm. 
Rock salt - 50 gm. 
curry leaves - handful. 

1. Dry the red chillies under the sun until they are well dried. If you are out of India, use a saute pan and dry roast the the rec chilli without oil. Oven can be use for the same, turn on the oven at 200 F, roast the red chillies for 5-6 hrs. 
2. Dry roast the remaining ingredients using a saute pan, without adding oil.  
3. Add dry chillies and remaining ingredients and blend them together. If you are in India, make use the small spice mills around the corner or a spice grinder works great. 
Enjoy every meal with your own home blend sambar powder. I have added the link for cuisnart spice grinder, but do check out other spice grinder brands too. 



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I started learning cooking from my grandmother, Mrs. Gunaseeli, who gave me her recipes and tips and some measurement tools for making them. The red measuring cup that I use in my recipes was once owned by my granny. My grandmother is very passionate about cooking and travel. She has written many cook books. This blog is one way to document her writing and to make it available for everyone.